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Bailliage de l'Alberta Nord Edmonton
Ronald Ryland – Bailli Regional
Phone: 780 454 8813
Cell: 780 719 1337

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Confrerie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
2015 Executive

Ron Ryland – Bailli Regional                         

Bill Pechtel – Bailli Honoraire                        

Wade Brintnell – Vice-Echanson                      

Harjeet Mehdwan – Vice-Conseillier Culinaire 

Dan Roy – Chevalier      

Dr. Sam Azer – Chevalier                                  

Laurie Anfindsen – Dame de la Chaine          

Anne Anfindsen – Dame de la Chaine           

Michelle Agar – Argentier     

Mathew Pechtel – Vice-Charge de Presse        

Hans Voegeli – Maitre de Table                    


“Having been a member of the Chaine for 30 years.  I have always appreciated the immense culinary talent that we have here in Edmonton and feel privileged to be able to participate in many amazing dinners over the years. If you are a lover of fine food and wines, the Chaine is definitely for you!”

Bill Pechtel