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Membership Renewal Process 2021

Dear Chaine Members, both Professional and Non-Professional, 

This last year has been a truly wild year no one expected. That being said,  both our local chapter and the international organization definitely tried to adapt to the conditions of this world whole-heartedly. 

We were still able to host some events last year... and the spirit of the Chaine and our want to be able to be social on an in-person level still lives on amongst us. 

This year... we still have to adapt and make our 'uncertain world' work for all of us... and especially in protection of all of our greater good, plus the professional member's that have undergone so much hardship this year with limitations and restrictions. 

Therefore, this year, we ask our organization be in your hearts for the long term. This year may still not be the chance to get together as much in person...or may be limited to smaller gatherings... but we hope the spirit of it all... and the longevity of a community that has brought us together for good food, great wines, special venues & organizations and also a lineage of great people that came before us... be what you hold dear as we conduct our registration this year. THIS ORGANIZATION HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 1248 and survived world wars and so much more than we can even put words to!!

We will do our best to create events this year that will entertain and keep the camaraderie we all love so much, dear to our hearts. PLUS I truly believe that continuing to keep the support of this organization intact, as much as we may not be getting as much VALUE as we may all want from this long-term organization as a guarantee... is detrimental.  It's the support to make it through these tough times, that we have made it through in the past ... that truly makes an organization shine through and keep the longevity that we have.


GREAT FOOD, GREAT WINE, GREAT COMMUNITY, INTERNATIONAL CONNECTION AND AN UPHOLD OF A HIGH-QUALITY EXPERIENCE OF THE CULINARY ARTS... plus a good time... should be what we keep in our hearts as we register again this year. PLUS our responsibility to keep this flame burning. 


For the ones that came before us are truly dear to the experiences we have been inspired by in the past, plus the long-standing world-wide LOVE of this organization. 


I write this as the grand-daughter of Anne Anfindsen (who past-away this past year) and my grandfather Lorne Anfindsen, for whom if you ever knew ... you would know he would like to see this organization continue. For whom both inspired me very much by their involvement with these kinds of events and who brought a broader more elegant side to my life just by being invited on the regular. 


Also, to Bernard who past away this past year, and who was a goofy man in the best ways for sure ... but also always was a true character of The Chaine and a man to look-up too. 


I hope you take it in your heart to register this next year and also get excited about what we are bringing to the table to expand our horizons. 


I am not directly involved or a member... but I continue to give to this organization without compensation,  in memory of my amazing grandparents and the gift we all get from getting to experience an organization so grand and long-standing. 


May we seek to grow this year in new ways that expand our ability to enjoy great food, great wine and great experiences. 


Thank you to both Harjeet, Bill, Ron in the past and even my mother, my father, my grandparents and everyone else involved ... especially the key people who make the great food and great wine possible.  

Cheers!  To 2021... and surviving a year that we should definitely be grateful for on many levels. How much more exciting will it be to hang out because of it?!? 

Very intriguing virtual event coming in April. My mother, Laurie Anfindsen, has done a couple of these with Rge Rd this past year and speaks highly of them. 

Please note, our Professionals have no cost to membership this year... as they have had an extremely rough time. However, we would still love the Professionals to fill out the form for registration so we have their most up-to-date info. 

Lastly, if you have undergone any extreme financial hardships this year, however, would still like to be a member... please let us know we can kindly find a way for that to be possible. 


Your little internet geek and a very grateful person to have been a part of all of it. 

Thank you for all you have brought to my life and especially to my grandmother's and grandfather's life,  whom I miss dearly. 

Mercedes Treeter 

P.S. There is no local fee this year... just to account for our wild world. 


Please fill out the form below to update your Membership Info (or CLICK HERE)


Please make payment for membership via the option menu that follows!

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